Ramps is a chill middle aged gentleman.
With his slightly unusual body structure & bluish gray fur people tend to stop and stare. 
To me a small little lap dog, to others a proper guard dog.
Rambo's story began a few years ago when I took him home from the dog shelter in Pärnu.
My best friend, listener, cuddle buddy & inspiration.

We make custom made collars & leashes for your pet - be it a dog, cat or a crocodile. And a matching bracelet, belt or whatever else for you as well. Paracord just kind of happened to walk into our lives. But after finishing the first full set of leash & collar we decided to make another one, and then another and so on.
I braid them, Ramps does quality testing. All so we can gladly say - what we have made is safe to use on your walks as well!

Even tho we focus on pet supplies then in reality we'll braid a new bracelet, wrap your bicycle or make you a new guitar strap. As well as help you find everything you need for your own DIY projects.